Organizing contacts into an account/company is the most efficient way to group multiple contacts that are a part of the same company. Using the account structure in the CRM also gives you an efficient way to profile your contacts. For example, If you are searching for all accounts/companies where the employee size is 100 or more, profiling the account/company is more efficient than profiling multiple contacts individual in the CRM. Finally when you add activities like notes or calendar entries to multiple contacts that are a part of the same account/company in the CRM, all the activities are visible from the account/company level.

Getting There

Access the account and choose the Contacts tab just above the contact information.


Contact Assignment

Contacts have already been assigned to this account are listed.

If the contact does not exist in your database click New Contact and enter the contact information. This creates the contact and adds them to the account.

If the contact already exists in the database click Select Contacts and search using the fields provided. 

You should see a pop up that will ask you to search for contacts based on last name, company, or email address. Enter the criteria you would like to search by and then click Search. 

Once the search results appear, click on the check box next to the contact and click Add Selected. 

This returns you back to the account summary and adds the additional contacts to the account.