This easy-to-use tool provides you with content to automatically publish to your company's Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Once a week, you will receive an email summary with all future posts scheduled for the upcoming week. You can always cancel a post if it does not pertain to your market, and you can also add your own unique posts to deploy. This is your opportunity to take advantage of your vendors social media experts to capture leads and nurture customers before, during and after the sale.


What will I find in this article?

Getting There

The Vendor Library is a repository of ready made marketing material setup for you to quickly browse, select, and execute different types of tactics such as social campaigns. To access your library you must be within the Marketing Center. From the Marketing Center click Library. If you have access to more than one vendor library simply choose a vendor from the list. If you have already downloaded a social campaign you can access it by selecting Tactics then Social.


Social Campaign Selection

Utilize the search features within the Library to browse and locate the social campaign you are looking for. Depending on your vendor library search filters are typically broken down by activity type, language, and audience. Select Social under the Activity Types drop down. If you know the specific social campaign you would like to subscribe to, use the search box and enter the name into the field.

After you have narrowed down your search you can select a social campaign by clicking the thumbnail image. This loads a preview of the upcoming posts in this campaign. Click Activate This Campaign to pull the campaign into your account.


Authorizing Your Account

StructuredWeb requires authorization in order to post the syndicated content to your social media account. If you have not already authorized this social media platform on your account, you will be prompted to authorize. Click Authorize

A confirmation screen will display asking you to log into your social media account. Log in with your user name and password for that particular account. 

Update This Screenshot

This returns you to the authorization screen. The account authorized is displayed next to the Username. To post to company pages for Facebook and LinkedIn, choose the company page in the Company Page drop down. In order to post to the company page, you must be an administrator for the page. Please take note that if you are executing a Facebook campaign, you will only be allowed to use a company wall to post on. Please make sure you have the administrator rights which are required for authorization. 


Reviewing Scheduled Posts

Every Thursday an automated email is sent notifying you of the upcoming week's scheduled posts. This gives you the opportunity to login, review, and opt out of posts you do not want to receive.

If you are not brought to the social posts automatically, click the Tactics tab at the top of the page and then select Social. Your subscribed social campaigns will be displayed. Click the campaign thumbnail.

Posts that have not yet been scheduled will display on the Unscheduled Posts tab. If enabled by the vendor, click Edit Content to modify the copy of the provided post.

To schedule a post click Set date and time, then enter when you want the post to go out. Click Update to schedule the post. It will now be visible in the Scheduled Posts section.

Scheduled Posts can be edited using the same functionality as unscheduled posts. If a post is scheduled and you would like to unschedule it, click Edit date and time. You will now have an option to unschedule the post, returning it to the Unscheduled Posts tab.


There are three reports available to analyze your social campaigns:

  • Campaign Summary Report - Displays the statistics for a specific campaign. Includes number of followers, posts, page views, interactions, leads and opportunities.
  • Social Marketing by Network - Aggregate total by social media network. Includes number of partners participating, followers, posts, page views, interactions, leads and opportunities.
  • Social Media - Displays the best performing posts. Includes both unique page views and total views. 

Campaign Summary

Select the name of the campaign from the Tactics tab. This brings you directly to the summary report. Use the Start and End Date fields to adjust the date range and click Search to update the results.

This will allow you to view the number of followers, posts, page views, interactions, leads and opportunities. 

Social Marketing by Network

Click the Reports tab located at the top of the page. Select Social Marketing by Network from the Current Report drop down menu. Use the Start and End Date fields to adjust the date range and click the search button to update the results. 

View the number of followers, posts, page views, interactions, leads and opportunities on the dashboard. This data can be exported by selecting the Export button located at the bottom of the page.

Social Media

Select Social Media from the Current Report drop down menu. Use the start and end date fields to adjust the date range. Click the search button to update the results. 

View the Top 20 Page Views and Top 20 Unique Page Views for all posts.