If you find that your emails being sent from StructuredWeb are frequently going to SPAM or the junk folder, one step you can take to increase deliverability is to create a TXT/SPF record for StructuredWeb.

When you schedule email campaigns from StructuredWeb, the emails are sent by StructuredWeb's email servers on your behalf. When a recipient email server receives the email, they may check and see that the email says it is from your domain but is actually sent by StructuredWeb which causes the red flag. By creating the TXT/SPF record, you are signalling that the emails StructuredWeb sends on your behalf are legitimate.

To create a TXT record, you will need to contact your IT or tech team to create the following record with your DNS (who manages your domain):

"v=spf1  include:campaigns.structuredweb.com -all"

If you have an existing TXT record, you should NOT create a second one with the above information, as this can potentially lead to errors. Instead, simply include the following in your existing TXT record:


After making these changes, please leave 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate, then retest your email to see the improved deliverability..