When it comes to sharing files, StructuredWeb provides with many different ways to make files available. When it comes to deciding the best way to upload a file and make it available, the most important thing to consider is the audience the file is intended for. When uploading a file, your intended audience can be either partners only, public facing, or both.

Partner Only Content

Partner-only content is files that are meant for your partner's eyes only. This can include the following types of assets:

  • Call Scripts
  • Partner Cheat Sheets
  • Stock graphics

For these types of tactics, we want to require a user to login to be able to access them. To accomplish this, these types of files should be uploaded as File Tactics. To learn more about creating file tactics, click here.

Once a file has been uploaded as a file tactic and shared to the partner library, the partner will need to login to be able to access it. After login the files can be made accessible through campaigns or the asset library to download, along with other tactic types like email and content syndication.

Public Facing Content

For content that is meant for public consumption, these files will be public facing. This can include documentation on a public-facing microsite or campaign materials to include on an email landing page. For this use case, files should be uploaded to the Document Library. Once a file is uploaded to the document library, anyone who has the file link will be able to access the file directly.

All accounts in StructuredWeb have access to upload content to the document library to be public facing. Program-level creators can upload documents to the library for all partners to use, or individual partners can upload a file to their own unique instance to include within their content. For more information about using the document library to link to a file, click here.

Partner and Public Facing Content

With some files you may want to make them available both to partners within the platform and accessible through a public link. For example, you could share an infographic or whitepaper within the asset library for partners to access and also use them as gated content on a landing page to promote engagement and generate leads. For these tactics that will be publicly available but also made available in the asset library, they should be created as File Tactics. For more information about creating a file tactic click here.

Once the file tactic has been created, go to the Settings tab of the tactic and click the Share button.

In the Set link sharing for this tactic: drop-down, select publicly accessible download link.

Once the setting has been updated, copy the provided share link. This share link can be used anywhere to link directly to the file without requiring login to StructuredWeb.

Note: If you Click the share button again a new share link will generate. This does not invalidate the previously created share link. Both links will still work. If you previously created a share link for the tactic that did require username and password it will update to be publicly accessible.