Improved SSL Support for Public Facing Content 

StructuredWeb knows that security and reliability are vital to you and your partners. In this update we’ve made improvements to make public-facing content more secure. Now any links that are generated within the platform will default to https. This includes but is not limited to links to landing pages, preview links, and file paths for images and files uploaded directly to StructuredWeb. By ensuring that all interactions with content are secure your partners and their end customers will feel confident using your marketing materials.

Any existing links or references to http within the platform or marketing content will remain, to ensure that any assets are not adversely affected by this update. Any newly generated links, files, and images that you or your partners create will default to using https.

Terms of Use 

To improve the reliability and customization of your program terms and conditions, StructuredWeb has implemented a new API for Terms of Use. This improved functionality gives you greater control over the content and design of the Terms of Use that your partners must accept to utilize StructuredWeb.

The Terms of Use will apply to all individual partner users and not just the admin user. Support for multiple Terms of Use translations is also available. Additionally anytime changes are made to the Terms of Use the prompt to agree and confirm will be re-enabled for your partners, ensuring that your partners are updated to any and all changes in the terms and conditions over time.

The new Terms of Use functionality is optional. If you have the Terms of Use turned off for your program and partners then this will remain inactive. If you are interested in updating your Terms of Use, please contact your Account Manager.