Using the Portal Content Manager, you can modify the portal experience for your partners when they login to Marketing Center. This can include featuring campaigns or tactics on the homepage, sharing new or blog posts, providing access to training resources and webinar, and more.

The specific elements that are included and editable for the portal content are unique for each vendor. To setup new elements of the portal content for you to customize for your partners, contact your account manager.


Getting There

To get started, login to Content Manager of your vendor-level account. From there, select the Portal Content Manager tab.


Here you are able to see all of the different editable areas of the portal content. Click the name of an area to modify the content within that section.


Modifying Portal Content

After selecting a content area you will see the individual items listed for that topic. For example, if you select a section for Featured Campaigns then you will see a list of the campaigns that are featured, or if you select a section for News then you will see individual items listed for each news post you have created. To edit an existing post click on the post name. To add a new post, check the box for an existing post and click duplicate.

Click the name of the new copy to edit it.

In the Post Name section, click Edit to rename the post to reflect the topic of your new post. Save your changes.

In the Content section you are able to edit the individual elements that make up the post. The editable elements will vary depending on the purpose of the post. For example, if the content section is for Featured Campaigns then the Content may include areas to provide a Campaign Name, Thumbnail, and link to the campaign. A news post might have a title, short description, and body section where the main news content is entered. To edit the content area click the Edit button. Depending on the section you can add your text, images, or links to the area and Save when done.


When done editing the all content areas, click Save & Refresh Preview to save your overall changes.

When you are ready to publish the post, scroll down to the Settings section and click Edit

The post defaults to Draft (Not Active) status. If you want the post to be visible indefinitely, select to make it Always activated. Alternatively you can make it visible for a limited period of time by selecting Only during the following period.

Optionally you may have the ability to select which programs can view the post. Select the program(s) whose partners should see the post content and Save.

To return back to the Portal Content Topic section, at any time you can click the name of the topic in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.



Updating the Content Topic

When viewing the posts within a Portal Content topic, you can also make updates that apply to multiple posts. To update the order in which the posts display click Sort display order. Drag the posts into the order you want and Save.

You can also publish or unpublish multiple posts at once. Check the boxes for the posts you want to update and click Activate post(s).

To publish the selected posts, choose to make them active Always or Only during the following period and provide a date range. To deactivate a previously published post return it back to Draft (Not Active). Click Next and then Save to confirm.