After an email campaign has been sent, you can view the reporting for that campaign to see how successful your campaign was.

Getting There

Select the email you want to view the summary from the Tactics tab then select Reports.



The campaign summary gives you insight into the effectiveness of your campaign. The top section shows the overall campaign summary. Each subsequent section shows the results for each record owner of contacts in the campaign. The report is broken down into Sent, Opened, Clicks, Unsubscribed, Rejected, Leads and Opportunities. The Count column gives you the total number of customers to complete that action, while the % column gives you the percentage.

If you need to view specific results of a category, click the numerical value under the column. This provides a list of contacts that completed the action.

If needed you can export the campaign summary or results to Excel by selecting the Export button. It is found on the right side of the page.



Rejections are broken down into two main categories: hard rejections and soft rejections. These rejections are based on the response that our sending server receives from the recipient’s mail server. Hard rejections are critical rejections that flag the contact and it will no longer send any emails to that contact. Types of Hard Rejections:


  • Domain not found: The domain address in the user’s email does not exist (e.g.
  • User not found: The domain in the email address is valid, but the specific user does not exist (e.g. 

Soft rejections are emails that were rejected by the recipient, but future emails sent to this contact will be sent as normal:


  • Unspecified Error: The recipient server rejected the email, but the error received is unclear on the specific reason.
  • No answer from email server: The StructuredWeb email server did not receive any response from the recipient email server.
  • Email blocked by spam filter: The email was blocked by the recipient server’s spam filter.
  • Mailbox full: The recipient’s mailbox is full so the email could not be delivered.