Now that you’ve prepared your platform, you’re ready to build your content. During this stage, you create all of the different marketing assets you want to make available to your partners, such as forms and emails, social campaigns, uploaded files, and much more. Giving your partners a variety of options when executing marketing campaigns. 

By the end of this block, you will be able to create the following asset types:


  Email campaigns

  Banner ads

  Social Campaigns, and 

  Co-branded PDFs and files

Before you build your content, make sure that you complete a build of materials checklist. This essential first step is where you gather all the necessary materials to complete your build. This checklist includes the materials necessary to create the tactics included in this onboarding. This checklist, along with the necessary materials are available using the links below. Download them before completing the exercises. 

 Build of Materials Checklist

Build of Materials Content

 1 min, 39 sec

 Build of Materials Checklist

 Build of Materials Content


What lessons will I learn?Complete the exerciseWatch the video
1Create Forms14 pages
2Create Email Campaigns11 pages

Drag & Drop Editor

3Create Banner Ads7 pages

4Create Social Campaigns10 pages
5Upload Files7 pages

6Create Co-Branded PDFs10 pages