Throughout this onboarding program you’ve accomplished a lot – you’ve created platform settings, built assets and compiled them into campaigns. You’ve even learned how to publish your content for partners. However creating campaigns is only half the battle. Once available, you want to be sure that your partners are making the most of the content you provide. That’s where reporting fits in. 

StructuredWeb provides you with a variety of reports to analyze your partner’s marketing center activity.. In this final Block, I’m going to share with you a few key reports and provide tips on how to analyze the data. 

In this block, watch the following videos. After publishing campaigns, review these reports to learn insights into your partner’s marketing center activity. 

This concludes the StructuredWeb onboarding program. For additional training and support, please reach out to


What lessons will I learn?Watch the video
1Exploring the Account Activity Summary Report4 min, 9 sec
2Exploring the Social Marketing Report4 min, 35 sec