New Features

Product AreaNew Feature
Admin Portal > Content ManagerDrag & Drop Editor linking capabilities enhanced 
Admin Portal > Content ManagerDrag & Drop Editor mobile responsiveness refined
Admin Portal > Content ManagerContent copy functionality streamlined
Admin Portal > Content ManagerUnsubscribe feature updated

Create a cohesive user experience with improved linking 

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics > Email/Forms > Drag & Drop Editor

  1. 1. Quickly link your call-to-action button to a landing page using settings in the Properties panel. With this update, you select the landing page and the system generates and attaches the link for you. 

  2. 2. Add internal links to draw attention to specific areas of your landing page. For example, you can add an anchor that points prospects to your form, increasing the chances of forms being filled out.

Ensure your campaigns shine on mobile devices with new mobile properties settings

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics > Email/Forms > Drag & Drop Editor

1. Fine-tune designs for smaller screens while preserving the look and feel of your desktop design

2. Utilize the following new settings:

  • Do Not Stack on Mobile: to maintain side-by-side content within a section.
  • Full Width on Mobile: to enable proportional image scaling.

Simplify the content creation process with these new copy enhancements

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics/Campaigns/Products

1. Copy entire campaign products, including all contained tactics and campaigns, drastically reducing the time and effort to create variations of campaigns and/or translations.

2. Quickly identify newly created copies with the "copy of" label preceding the tactic or campaign name.

Customize your unsubscribe link from the settings page

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics > Email > Settings

1. Automatically integrate a custom unsubscribe message into your email campaign, enabling you to personalize the unsubscribe content.

2. Translate your unsubscribe message link into multiple languages seamlessly.