Folders in the Marketing Center allow you to organize your marketing tactics in the manner that best works for your organization.  Each tactic (e.g. email, banner ads, etc.) has its own set of folders.

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Select the Edit button. This loads the Edit campaign folders screen.

Click New Folder.

Give the folder a name  For example, if you want to place your company newsletters in a newsletter folder enter "Newsletter" into the Folder Name field. When done, choose where you would like to place this folder. Folders can be organized by tree structure. You can place folders underneath other folders, similar to creating folders on your computer. When finished, click Save..


The current folder you're within is shown in bold. To access a different folder, select the name of the folder.

Move tactics from one folder to another by placing a check in the box next to the tactic name under the "Move" column. After you have selected the tactics click the Move button.

Click the folder you want to move the tactics into by selecting the folder name in the folder dropdown box.


To edit a folder's name or move it, click the name of the folder. Here you can change the folder name and use the "Place this folder under the" dropdown to move the folder. Click Save when finished.

To delete folders, check the box next to the folder and click Delete folder.