StructuredWeb allows you to determine a lead score for different types of actions done within tactics such as opening an email or filling out a form on a landing page. StructuredWeb adds together each value entered for every action taken and displays the total lead score for that campaign.  The higher the score the better the lead.


Score Values

The default scoring is defined below. You have the options of making modifications to each value if desired. This can be done on the individual tactic, form or program.

  • Open: 1
  • Click: 10
  • Form Submission:50
  • Phone Call: 50


Running Searches

You can build advanced searches to return contacts with leads scores equal to, greater than or less than a specific number. From the contacts tab choose the New Search button. 

Choose the users database you want to run the search on.  To run the search across your entire database choose All users and select the Add and Set More Criteria button.


Select the Lead Scoring link.

Choose how you want to search. Your options are equal to, greater than or equal to and less than or equal to. For example if you want to view all contacts with a lead score of 50 or less choose the "less than or equal to" option and enter 50 into the field provided. When finished select the Run the Search button on the right side of the page.

This runs the search and returns the results.


Viewing Lead Scores

Reviewing the lead score for an individual contact is simple just click the contacts name from your search results. This brings you directly to their lead score.

By selecting the value it displays the action and points taken for each tactic