An A/B Split allows you to compare the success of different calls to action. For example, you can create two emails with different subject lines but all other elements of the email's copy and layout are identical. Once the two emails are created, you can add half the mailing list to each email and send out the campaign. You can then use the reporting for the email campaigns to see which subject was most successful.


Getting There

To run an A/B Split, first you need to create the two emails that you will use. Once you have created the two email campaigns, go to the Mailing List tab of the first email.


Select Advanced Search and use search tools to build the criteria you want to use for the mailing list. For assistance on running an advance search, please see the article on Advanced Searching. Once you have selected all search criteria, click Run the Search.

Click Set a specific number of contacts that you want to add.

Set From Record to 1 and the To Record to half of the total mailing list size. In this example, set it to 861. Click Add Contacts.

This will set the first email to receive the first half of the mailing list. For the second email, run the exact same advanced search as the previous email. After clicking Set a specific number of contacts that you want to add, set the From Record and To Record to the second half of the mailing list. In this example it is "862" and "1722" respectively, then click Add Contacts.