StructuredWeb requires authorization in order to post syndicated content provided by the vendor to your social media accounts. From time to time this authorization may expire, requiring you to re-authorize access for StructuredWeb, otherwise the content will no longer post automatically.


Automated Email Authorization

 When authorization expires an automated email will be sent out with a link to re-authorize your account.

Clicking the link will direct you to the social media platform where you can enter your credentials and re-authorize directly. Note that the re-authorization link in your email expires after 5 days.

Manual Re-authorization

If you missed the authorization email or your link has expired, you can manually re-authorize the account by logging in to the Marketing Center within StructuredWeb. Select Tactics followed by the Social tab to view a list of the social campaigns you are subscribed to.

Click on the name of any campaign for the specific social platform you need to reauthorize. Once you re-authorize that social media platform for one campaign, it is re-authorized for any other campaigns on the same platform.

Clicking the campaign name will bring you to the reports dashboard. Select the Posts tab and click Edit to re-authorize your account.

Click Save & Authorize to be redirected to the social platform, where you can enter your credentials and authorize the app. 

When done, you will automatically return to StructuredWeb. Once you have returned to StructuredWeb your account is reauthorized and will resume posting automatically to your social media account.