After you have created content and in your setup program, the next step will be to QA the content. The best way to QA your content is to view it from the partner perspective. It is important that when a partner logs in and accesses marketing material that everything runs smoothly and works correctly, this will help to ensure further use by the partner. In addition, by replicating the exact partner process you will be able to QA certain aspects that you are unable to from the Program Manager side. This includes things like making sure descriptions exist, market assets load, links work, etc.  Choose the tactic type below for a list of best practices to QA the content.



Under the Accounts tab within Program Manager, check the box labeled Show Test Accounts and search for the name of your demo or test account.

Once your account has come up, click Login above the account name and enter your username and password on the next page.

  • Make sure the new tactic is available in the Library or Campaigns tab
  • Use the filters on the left of the library to ensure the tactic has the correct attributes set
  • Check the thumbnail and preview of the tactic in the library, make sure it displays correctly and a description is available
  • Select the Download option and confirm the download works and the correct files are available.
  • Select the Customize option, does this tactic have any glaring visual flaws? Including but not limited to broken/poorly sized images and/or text.
  • Make sure the market assets have properly populated within the email.
  • Confirm that the Settings tab has the correct settings.
  • Check the text accuracy for all tactics.


  • Does the email have the correct subject line?
  • Check the Settings tab of the email. Is the Send From Name and Email correct?
  • Was the correct landing page brought in with the email? Check the Landing Pages tab.
  • Complete the execution process through scheduling & sending. Once the email has been received confirm that it renders correctly in Outlook, GMail and on mobile devices.
  • Do the links work? Confirm that each link connects to the correct location or landing page.


Landing Page
  • Do the form fields on the landing page have any errors? Typos, fields arranged in the wrong order, incorrect form language, etc.
  • Has the confirmation page been set up correctly?
  • Is the form distribution correct?
  • Are the page header and URL correct?
  • Test the form in each browser by filling it out and going through the whole process. Confirm the leads are created correctly.


  • For syndicated webinars confirm that the account and meeting info are correct on the WebEx Settings page within the event in the Program Manager.
  • Check the registration page, confirmation page and confirmation email. Confirm all of the assets have loaded properly on each. Confirm also that the Outlook or any other calendar file provided has the correct information and links to the correct webinar.
  • Are all of the emails (invites and reminders) correct? Follow the same procedures listed above for standalone emails.
  • Confirm that the links within the invites go to the correct Event registration page.