When working with campaign planning, you may want to add additional information for tracking than the default options. See the article on Marketing Planning for more information on planning. You can create custom fields for whole plans or the included campaigns and tactics created for accounts in a specific program. These fields allow you to collection necessary data that can be applied to reports.

From the Program Manager select the Settings tab located at the top of the screen. This loads the basic details of the program.

Select the Custom Fields tab and choose the type of custom field you want to modify or create. Your options are Plans, Campaigns or Tactics. This loads the custom fields that have been previously created for the selected category.

To modify an existing custom field select the custom field name. To create a new custom field select the Add New Field button.

Choose the type of field you want to create. You have a few choices to select from:


  • Single selection – Drop down selection to pick one choice.
  • Single selection – Radio buttons to select one choice.
  • Multiple selection – List Box to select multiple choices.
  • Multiple selection – Check box to select multiple choices.
  • Date – Text box to enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Text – Text box to enter data in written format.
  • Number – Text box to enter numerals and periods.
  • File – Allows user to upload files.
  • Rating Scale – Radio buttons to rate various options.
  • Text Area – Larger text box to allow customers to input text, useful for comments or written responses longer than a few words.
  • Section Explanation – A text area used to describe sections of a form. Users do not type in this area, it is used for explanatory purposes.

Provide the field a name. If you selected single selection, multiple select or check box field types enter the options into the Options section.

Click Save when done. This creates the custom field. It will now be available when working in partner account plans.