For video tactics, there are many different video players available for you to utilize. By default StructuredWeb has added YouTube and Vimeo players as standard options, but you have the ability to add your own additional video players as well. In addition to adding video players to support players beyond YouTube and Vimeo, you can create custom video players to reflect the video settings you want. For example, you can have multiple YouTube players for different player sizes, caption settings, and other player controls. This gives you the flexibility to provide the video to your partners with the exact requirements you need. Once the video player has been added, you will be able to select it when Creating New Video Tactics.


Getting There

To add new Video Players types click Tactics and then choose the Settings tab.


In the left hand column, select the Video Players option.


Adding New Video Players

Click New Embedded Player.

Provide a name for the Video player in the field provided, then paste the embed code provided into the Embed field. You can access the embed code when viewing the video on the video player website. It will typically be available under the "Embed" or "Share" section of the page, depending on the player.

After you have added the embed code, replace the unique video ID with the [VideoID] merge field. The video ID will be different for every video, but may be located in different sections of the embed code depending on your video player. It is often located in either the video URL or labeled as a video ID.

Click Save when done. The new video player will now be available when you create new video tactics.