With content syndication, you are guaranteed to have the latest, most up-to-date solutions from your vendor on your company website. This solution updates in real-time to display the most current product info, and pages are equipped with forms that capture and route every lead directly to you. Plus you can easily manage which page you want to display right from the platform.

From the Marketing Center click Library. If you have access to more than one vendor library simply choose the vendor from the list.

If you have already activated your content syndication, you can access it by selecting Tactics then Content Syndication.


What will I find in this article?

Select your Content Syndication

Utilize the search features within the Library to browse and locate the content syndication you are looking for. Depending on your vendor library search filters are typically broken down by activity type, language, and audience. Simply check on/off the different filters. If you know the specific content syndication option you are looking for use the search box and enter the name into the field. Select Content Syndication under the Activity Types dropdown.

After you have narrowed down your search you can select the content syndication by clicking the thumbnail image. This loads a preview image of the content syndication. Clicking Preview allows you to review a sample of the content syndication to better understand what's included. Click Customize & activate to pull the syndicated content into your account.

Once the campaign has been added to your account you will be taken to the overview of the content syndication. If you have previously activated that content syndication, it will instead simply show Active.


On the Overview, you are able to learn more about the specific content syndication that you selected. This page provides you with the context, background information for the content syndication, and more. The specific content in the overview will differ depending on your vendor. Most importantly, you can access the iFrame code for your content syndication here. The iFrame code is how you are able to place the content syndication on your website. Simply paste the code into a page on your website for the content to display.

Depending on your vendor, you may also have access to multiple iFrames in the overview. These different codes will change the default page of the iFrame, such as beginning directly on the Products page instead of the original Home option. This functionality allows you to better customize the content syndication experience for your website.

After copying the iFrame code to add the syndicated content to your website the next step is to review the pages of the content syndication. Select SiteMap at the top of the page.



The SiteMap displays a list of all pages and forms included in the Content Syndication. Click New Content, then select whether you want to add a Page or a Form.

Name the page or form, then click Next.

If the page is a sub-page of a previously created page, select the parent page. Otherwise, select Top Level.

Some Content Syndication options will even allow you to hide or display different elements of the syndicated content. If this feature is enabled by your vendor, you can turn on and off different pages of the syndication. Simply click the check on the right to turn off the page. Clicking the X will make it visible again.

After reviewing the SiteMap, the last step is to modify your content syndication domain.. Select Domains at the top of the page.



The Domains section allows you to modify the domain at which your Content Syndication displays. By default, this will be set automatically when you copy the Content Syndication into your account. You will only need to modify the domain if you want the page(s) of the content syndication to be hosted elsewhere, such as on a sub-domain of your existing website.

First, you will need to contact your registrar to point the domain to our platform. They can do so with the following information:

CNAME subdomain.yourwebsite.com points to site.structuredweb.com

You can simply replace subdomain.yourwebsite.com with the subdomain where you want the content syndication to be visible. After this has been set up with your registrar, please allow up to 24 hours for this change to propagate.

When this has been completed, click New Domain and add the domain that you pointed to our system.

Once the domain has been added, you can then apply the Content Syndication to display there by selecting your domain from the dropdown menu and clicking Update Selected Domain.