Website Content Syndication (WCS) allows vendors to provide partners with relevant and up-to-date marketing or product content to their website.  Visitors will be able to access and download available resources such as white papers, product brochures, technical spec sheets, user guides, contact forms, free trial sign ups and product showcases.

Your content managers control the type, product/service focus, and amount of content that will be syndicated.  There are no limitations to the types of content that can be syndicated.  Add images, text, forms and streaming video’s.

For partners, the content updates automatically and can decide the types content they want displayed.

With little technical expertise, partners can have the content implemented in minutes. Click Customize & Activate

WCS is a managed service provided by StructuredWeb.  We setup and create the initial set of content that you want to make available.  After the content has been setup you have the tools to manage and update the content as you see fit.