When it comes to your program, it is always important to keep track of the progress for your partners. Whether your program is self-service, concierge, or a hybrid of the two, reporting allows you to keep track of the program as a whole to see what is successful and what can be improved.

StructuredWeb's streamlined reporting provides clearer, quicker insight to program performance through an in-platform analytics dashboard. You and your team can more adeptly assess and optimize program performance. It’s the power and intelligence StructuredWeb’s Real-time Channel Analytics delivered right to your portal.


What will I find in this article?


Getting There

Login into Program Manager and select the Reports tab.

Use the Select a Report dropdown to find your report.

This will load the Dashboard view for that specific report to give you an overall look at the analytics for the topic you selected.

Use the tabs at the top to select from the various analytics views of your topic to see the different presentations of the analytics. You can also use the filters on the left of the page to further narrow down your reporting based on things like the date range, partner region, or their program affiliation. The filters available will differ depending on the report you are viewing.

After you have found the information you want, you can export the data by clicking Download at the bottom right.

Select Crosstab.


Available Reports

StructuredWeb analytics provides reporting across a broad array of topics, from general overview to partner logins, email marketing, and social content. The following reports are currently available through the platform. Each report is further broken down into reporting views, to show different aspects related to that report.


  • Accounts & Users Logins - An overall picture of the partner accounts and individual users that use your system. This report includes total accounts and partners and users as well as total and unique logins.
  • Accounts Activity Summary - An overview of your partners and their activities. The data includes partner account creation and logins, file downloads, and tactic creation. This report is recommended to give you an initial understanding of your partners and their overall activity before diving deeper into the specific topics that you’re most interested in.
  • Accounts and Contacts Profile - A breakdown of your partner accounts and contacts based on custom profile fields that you have created. To learn more about partner profiles, click here.
  • Accounts Marketing Reach - An overall picture of the total marketing reach of your partners. This reporting includes partner mailing lists, Social media presence, and retargeting.
  • Account Program Membership - A single location to quickly see which accounts are in each program, as well as which programs each partner account has access to.
  • Assets Download - An overall picture of the different assets that your partners have downloaded. This report includes downloads by tactic type, attribute, and individual tactic to see which partners and tactics have the most downloads.
  • Assets Library - A detailed breakdown of all marketing assets and tactics currently created in your program. The analytics includes all assets created and breaks them down by many different factors including asset types, asset upload date, and whether partners are using the assets. This report is useful for designers to better manage the assets that have been uploaded and for program admins to understand what assets their partners are using.
  • Content Syndication - An overall picture of the different page views for your system, specifically focusing on the website content syndication being utilized by your partners.
  • Email Marketing - An aggregate breakdown of all emails that your partners have executed from the platform. The report includes emails sent, opens, and leads generated from your partner campaigns. These factors can be further broken down by factors such as the specific emails being sent or even to compare partner deliverability and success. This report is useful for you to better understand what partners are utilizing the email feature and the platform and also to compare the emails to see where partners are having the most success.
  • Events Marketing - An overall picture of the different events that your partners created based on the events available to them through the vendor library.
  • Integrated Campaigns - An overall picture of the different campaigns that your partners use. This report includes all campaigns created in your programs and the different tactics within those campaigns.
  • Leads - An aggregation of the leads generated by your partners. These aggregated reports allow you to see which partners are generating and updating their leads generated through the platform
  • Marketing Plans - Reports focusing on your partner campaign planning activity. This reporting includes partner future planned activity, campaign budgeting, and revenue goals.
  • Marketplace Orders - For clients with a marketplace these reports provide an overall picture of the different orders that were placed through your marketplace by your partners.
  • Marketplace Quotes - For clients with a marketplace these reports provide an overall picture of the different quote requests that were submitted through your marketplace by your partners.
  • Marketplace Views - For clients with a marketplace these reports provide an overview of the different page views for your the products and services within the marketplace.
  • Program Users Login - An overview of the login activity of your internal users. This provides a better understanding of who on your internal team is utilizing the program.
  • Social Marketing - An overall picture of the different social posts that your partners posted through the syndicated social posts. This includes comparisons across social media platform, campaign, and partner account.
  • User Navigation Tracking - A report designed to show how your partners are using the platform. Information in the report includes session duration, search term use, and analysis showing how partners are using the library and campaigns.
  • Web Content - An overall picture of the different page views for your system. This includes things like landing page views and access to the partner's content syndication.


Custom Reports

In addition to the stock reports available to all vendors in the Program Manager, vendors can request additional reports. StructuredWeb can build customized reports to provide you with the exact information that you need.

If you're interested in setting up customized reporting using Tableau, contact your account's Customer Success manager for more details on getting this setup.