Receiving Mail from StructuredWeb

Whitelisting the StructuredWeb mail servers will ensure that your mail servers do not reject messages sent to your system. 

This will prevent mail sent from StructuredWeb servers from being rejected as spam. Please note that individuals in your organization may have separate spam filters that could catch emails from our system.


Sending Mail from StructuredWeb

StructuredWeb strongly recommends creating this TXT record for any domain which is using our email marketing service. 

"v=spf1 ?all"

Emails originating from StructuredWeb, such as CRM alerts, email campaigns, etc. are sent from specific email servers, and are often sent on behalf of our user's mailboxes. For example, for an account using the domain, in which the users are using mailboxes under such domain, some emails are sent to contacts using the "From" address In such cases the recipient's email server might look at the domain and query whether StructuredWeb's email servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of this domain.

This is exactly what the TXT/SPF record does - it will list StructuredWeb's email servers as allowed to send email on behalf of the domain.

If you already have a TXT Record, do not create a second record with the above, but instead, include tis in the existing TXT record:

NOTE: if a sub-domain is used as the web site address or the domain in which the user mailboxes are defined(e.g., then a separate, identical TXT record should be created for each sub-domain.

Once these steps are completed, check the email functionality.