Sending emails from the StructuredWeb platform should be seamless, whether it you're sending executing a campaign or sending a test email. 


In the event your emails end up in spam or they are not being received, please refer to the steps below for additional support. 



Receiving Notifications from StructuredWeb

If you are not receiving notification emails from StructuredWeb then whitelisting the StructuredWeb mail servers will ensure that your mail servers do not reject messages sent to your system. This can include Login Reset emails, form submission notifications, and any other automated email that the system generates.


This will prevent mail sent from StructuredWeb servers from being rejected as spam. Please note that individuals in your organization may have separate spam filters that could catch emails from our system.

Sending Email Campaigns from StructuredWeb Best Practices


 1) Making sure the "Send From" email address is valid. 

        The system will not send emails if the send from email address is left blank or if the send from email address isn't valid. Please make sure prior to executing any email campaigns that this is filled in with a working, valid email address. Typically, partners should have the ability to add the Send From email in the profile of their account, however, this can also be done on an individual email basis by clicking on the Settings tab within the email you're working on. 


2) Making sure you have a quality list.

        It is best practice for you to make sure you have valid emails on the mailing list that you're importing to the system. We suggest adding contacts to receive emails that you feel are going to be receptive to your email campaign. You are allowed to use cold lists, however, you run a risk of sending emails to invalid, old email addresses or any additional spam traps. 


3) When constructing your email, you want to avoid ALL CAPS messages and make sure you use proper grammar. Things like this can cause emails to go to spam. 


4) Avoid using large images in your email


5) Testing your email

   There is an increased chance that TEST MESSAGES will could end up in your spam filter. The subject line will read "Test Message" in the subject line. Depending on how your email client is set up, there is a chance that your email will end up in spam because of this.

Whitelisting Mail from StructuredWeb


Whitelisting the StructuredWeb IP Address will ensure that your mail servers do not reject messages sent on your behalf via Structuredweb's system.


The IP Address you need to whitelist is


This is a change that we strongly suggest consulting your company's IT team or whoever handles your company's email client. If you do not have any of these resources, we suggest reaching out to your domain registrar.


Update your SPF/TXT Record

StructuredWeb strongly recommends creating this TXT record for any domain which is using our email marketing service. 

"v=spf1 all"


Emails originating from StructuredWeb, such as CRM alerts, email campaigns, etc. are sent from specific email servers, and are often sent on behalf of our user's mailboxes. For example, for an account using the domain, in which the users are using mailboxes under such domain, some emails are sent to contacts using the "From" address In such cases the recipient's email server might look at the domain and query whether StructuredWeb's email servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of this domain.


This is exactly what the TXT/SPF record does - it will list email servers as allowed to send email on behalf of the domain.


If you already have a TXT Record, do not create a second record with the above, but instead, include this in the existing TXT record:


NOTE: if a sub-domain is used as the web site address or the domain in which the user mailboxes are defined(e.g., then a separate, identical TXT record should be created for each sub-domain.


Once these steps are completed, check the email functionality. 


DMARC & DKIM Support


In the event your campaigns are still not being delivered, it is suggested that you get in touch with out support team. There is an additional aspect of your company's email policy that can be checked. Our team will look to see if your email requires additional support for DMARC. 


DMARC is a setting that prevents third party services, such as StructuredWeb from sending emails on your behalf without your permission. DMARC is an additional security setting on the sender's email domain. If your company has DMARC enabled, there is an additional set of instructions our will will provide you to update various CNAMES at the DNS level of your email server.


If your emails are not being received, this is a Rejection. This is common if your company's email client has DMARC enabled. If your email ends up in spam or junk, then we suggest referring to the whitelisting mentioned earlier in this article. 


If you are unsure if your company's email client has DMARC enabled, click visit HERE to confirm. 


If all of this is still unsuccessful, please get in contact with our customer support team to get the issue resolved.