The vendor library allows you to download and use any assets made available by your vendor. One of these assets is video. These videos can either be downloaded from the library for your own use, or you can access and embed code to add the videos directly to your website.


Getting There

To access your library and the files within you must be in the Marketing Center. From the Marketing Center click Library. If you have access to more than one vendor library simply choose the vendor from the list.

Utilize the search features within the Library to browse and locate the video you are looking for. Depending on your vendor library search filters are typically broken down by activity type, language, and audience. Simply check on/off the different filters. If you know the specific video you are looking for use the search box and enter the name into the field. Select Videos under the Activity Types drop down.


Using the Videos

After you have narrowed down your search you can select any file by clicking the thumbnail image. This loads a preview and description of the video. Depending on your vendor selections, you may either download the video file or access a code to embed it to your website.

The Download Video button allows you to download the .mp4 file of the video directly to your computer.

The Embed button loads the embed HTML code you can use to add the video to your website.

Click Copy to copy the embed code onto your clipboard. Provide this code to your webmaster or website administrator to embed the video on your website.