Content Syndication code formatting and embeddingContent Syndication code formatting and embedding

Brief explanation of WCS

Website Content Syndication (WCS) allows vendors to provide partners with relevant and up-to-date marketing or product content to their website.  Visitors will be able to access and download available resources such as white papers, product brochures, technical spec sheets, user guides, contact forms, free trial sign ups and product showcases.


Your content managers control the type, product/service focus, and amount of content that will be syndicated.  There are no limitations to the types of content that can be syndicated. Features include images, text, forms and streaming videos.

Standard Code

The standard iframe code is what you would need to provide your webmaster in order to have your content display. If you do not have a webmaster, then the customer support for whoever handles your website should be able to assist you. In the OVERVIEW tab of the Content Syndication, you’ll see the standard iframe code available. The iframe provided will work for most web hosting services to implement as-is. 



WordPress has a different setup for Iframes to be embedded. In wordpress, instead of using the <> surrounding the iframe, your code should instead use brackets []. Also, WordPress does not require the </frame> at the end, so this can be removed.

Starting with a default iframe code:

<iframe src=”” width="100%" height="3160"></iframe>

Ex for Wordpress

[iframe scr=“” width=”100%” height=”1000”]

For any further support needed for iframes on your Wordpress Site, please refer to this article: