New Features

Product AreaNew Feature
Admin Portal > Content ManagerVendor-Led Webinar Campaign Feature Added
Admin Portal > Content ManagerProperties Panel within the Drag & Drop Email Editor Enhanced

Vendor-Led Webinar Campaign Feature Added

Admin Portal > Campaigns 

Vendors can now set up vendor-led webinar campaigns, enabling them to provide partners with the necessary tools to promote vendor-hosted webinars to their prospects efficiently.

Vendor-led webinar campaigns follow a similar setup process as a standard automator campaign, with additional settings and tactics to complete the build. Click here for a detailed guide on how to set up a vendor-led webinar campaign.

To learn more about the vendor-led webinar campaign feature or to enable vendor-led webinars in your instance, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Properties Panel within the Drag & Drop Email Editor Enhanced

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Email > New Email > Drag & Drop Editor

To provide a better user experience and more refined design precision when building email campaigns, the Drag & Drop Email properties panel has been enhanced to include the following:

• Accordion-style settings – allowing you to expand or collapse specific setting options

• Advanced settings – offering you greater control over the fine details of your design

In addition, the following element’s setting options are also enhanced within the properties panel:

 •Text settings – providing greater flexibility in customizing text styling

• Button functionality – offering a wider range of customization options

• Banner image cropping – allowing you to crop, resize and positioning banners efficiently