New Features

Product AreaNew Feature
Admin Portal > Content ManagerDrag & Drop Pages Editor Now Available 
Admin Portal > Content ManagerCopy Functionality for Cobranded PDFs now available
Admin Portal > Content ManagerNew Search & Folder Structure Capabilities added to Campaign Products 
Admin Portal > Content ManagerSort Option for Tactic Order in Campaigns now available 
Admin Portal > Content ManagerDownload Event capability added

Drag & Drop Pages Editor Now Available

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics > Forms > New Form > Drag & Drop Editor

The  highly anticipated Drag & Drop Editor is now available for designing and executing landing pages. Previously exclusive to email design, this latest release empowers you to develop your core campaign assets seamlessly.

Using the drag & drop editor you have complete flexibility and creative control - which means - no more messing around with complicated coding or spending hours on tedious design work.

Want to see the new Drag & Drop Landing Pages Editor in action? Watch the videos below to see the new Drag & Drop Landing Pages Editor in action and discover how you can create captivating landing pages, confirmation pages, and confirmation emails in no time!

Building a Landing Page

9 min, 11 sec

Building a Landing Page 
Confirmation Page

5 min, 28 sec

Setting up a Landing Page
Confirmation Email

3 min, 02 sec

Copy functionality for Cobranded PDF’s now available

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics > Files > Cobranded PDFs

Admin users can now copy co-branded pdfs to streamline the setup of co-branded pdfs. By bypassing redundant steps, you not only save up to 5 minutes per tactic but also reduce the risk of human error in manual replications of attribute settings and market assets.

In addition, managing translations is simplified. Just copy an existing tactic and update it with the new translated Adobe PDF template, allowing you to bring multiple translations to the market faster. 

Admin Portal > Content Manager >Products

When building and modifying campaign products, admin users can now effortlessly locate and organize products, resulting in improved efficiency and time savings.

This enhancement incorporates a search bar for locating existing products and the option to create a folder system, ensuring organized and readily accessible products.

Sort option for tactic order in campaigns now available

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Campaigns

Admin users now have complete control over the order in which tactics appear within the Campaign Overview page. This enhancement provides a new level of customization, allowing admin users to tailor the campaign layout to better align with partner requirements and branding.

Download Event capability added

Admin Portal > Content Manager > Tactics > Events > Actions

Admin users can now download all event content at once using the Download Event icon within the Actions column. This enhancement speeds up the download process for all content associated with an event, saving on average 30 minutes per event download cycle. This allows you to distribute event materials more efficiently. This feature is particularly beneficial when translating event content into multiple languages.